PAL® Peer Assistance and Leadership is an award-winning, Nationally Recognized Evidence-Based Prevention Program owned and operated by the non-profit organization, Workers Assistance Program, Inc. (WAP).

The mission of the PAL® Peer Assistance and Leadership program is to enable young people to use their potential to make a difference in their lives, schools and communities.

PAL® courses use the potential of youth to make a difference in their lives, schools and communities. PAL® recognizes an innate capacity for social understanding, personal well-being, and community participation within every student. PAL® nurtures and builds capacities to help youth increase resiliency and build protective factors to help them achieve school and social successes which lead to a productive life.

A versatile course, PAL® creates environments in which youth participate in productive pursuits with peers, using decision making, higher order thinking skills, and resiliency building.

PAL® students learn to adapt the power of peer pressure to influence others positively and, ultimately, they make a difference in the lives of others! Positive peer influence is utilized as a central strategy for addressing issues like bullying, low achievement, at-risk youth, drop-out prevention, substance abuse prevention, teen pregnancy, suicide, absenteeism, behavior problems, and other community issues.

Not only does PAL® address a variety of key youth issues, being a PAL® is also fun and transformational!

This curriculum must be implemented by an adult who has been trained and certified through PAL® in order to keep fidelity to the curriculum. For more information on PAL®, feel free to explore our website or call us at 1-800-522-0550.

PAL® is a Professional Service of Workers Assistance Program, Inc. (WAP). To learn more about other ways WAP is working, “To Create Better Workplaces, Schools & Communities,” please go to: http://www.workersassistance.com/

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Meet Our Family

PAL® is a professional service of Workers Assistance Program, Inc., a certified 501(c)3 whose mission is “To Create Better Workplaces, Schools, and Communities.” workersassistance.com Interested in checking out the ways we are working to create a better world? Simply follow our links below. Alliance Work Partners (AWP) offers premier workplace services with employee assistance program …

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PAL® History

PAL® Peer Assistance and Leadership began in 1980 as a “peer helping” program, combining “peer assistance” and “peer leadership” strategies originally developed in the late 1970’s. Over the last couple decades, WAP has significantly enhanced and expanded these basic prevention strategies, evolving the PAL® peer helping program from an informal, extra-curricular activity in a single …

Meet Our Training Director!

  Tory Gant is an energetic motivational speaker with the incredible ability to get people fired up about making positive changes in their lives and in their communities! Spending seven years as a youth director doing outreach on the streets of Austin, Texas, Tory helped gang members to overcome destructive lifestyles and to become positive …