PAL®s Make Positive Differences–from Anson High School

Check out how Anson High School is making a positive difference in their community! Anson High School PAL® students work with Palees from feeder elementary and middle schools. Master PAL® teacher and Adjunct Trainer, Katrina Plank, compiles this evaluation data yearly.

Gathering and reporting this sort of data is useful in quantifying the positive effects that PAL® has on your campus, in your feeder schools, and in your community. In Mrs. Plank’s opinion, if you can tie the efforts and volunteerism provided by PAL® students to money, it helps people outside of PAL® see how truly valuable the program is.

Mrs. Plank also sends this information to prominent members of our local and broader community such as Senators, members of Congress, the First Lady, and President of the United States to let them know about the value of PAL®.

Kudos to the Anson High School PAL®s for all of their positive contributions towards a better tomorrow!

Below is data collected from June of ’10 to May of ’11 and compiled to show the measurable success of the PAL® Program at Anson High School for the 2010-2011 school year.

Hours served – the total hours at the elementary and middle school were 884 which would be equal to approximately $7,762 in teacher’s aide pay. The PAL®s worked in the community a total of 2229 hours. If these young people were paid that would equal over $22,290. What a service!

Elementary and middle school teachers reported that due to PAL®’s influence:

  • 5% increase math skills and comprehension
  • 15% increase in reading skills
  • 20% increase in reading comprehension
  • 51% increase in positive interaction with both peers and adults
  • 68% increase in staying on task & complying with rules
  • 51% increase in wise choices
  • 51% decrease in making unwise choices
  • One class went from below grade level work to at or above grade level work

The PAL® [students’] perspective of what they gained by being a PAL®

How to communicate and understand others • Helped me meet people • [Helped me] get out of my shell • [Helped me] be a more effective leader • Patience • Children always need a good role model • Responsibility • Leadership • It takes work for an organization to be successful • Strengthened my character • Showed me how good it feels to help others • Friendships get you through

Comments about PAL®s from elementary and middle school teachers

Great job • Super model • Flexible • Kids love her • Huge help • They are responsible • Very well-mannered and helpful • Patient • Wish I had her all day • Kids think they are cool • Does everything asked • Excellent example • Very capable • So Helpful in getting 5th graders ready for TAKS • Awesome with kids • Very enthusiastic • Comes in and looks for kids to help • Inspiring to kids • Thank you • Doesn’t hesitate to jump in • Awesome

Anson ISD enrollment:
High School     185
Middle School  135
Elementary       367
Total                 687

# of Anson High School PAL®s……………..16
# of PAL®ees (students PAL®s mentor)……250

36.4% of the total population received PAL® services

Other services PAL®s provided:

  • Party for incoming freshmen
  • Tour of school for incoming freshmen
  • Mix-It-Up Day – boundary breaking activity at Anson High School
  • Helped with Open House at Anson High School
  • GOALS program for 1st grade
  • Project Thanksgiving in Abilene
  • Fundraising for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society
  • Many other areas for Service Learning Hours

This information is only a portion of all that was collected. This program has students that meet a higher standard by choice. PAL®s use America’s greatest resource, our children, to benefit the high school students themselves, their school, the feeder schools, and the community.

Information compiled and reported by Katrina Plank, CPPE, Master PAL® teacher at Anson High School, Anson, Texas; Adjunct PAL® Teacher Trainer, PAL® Services, Austin, Texas


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