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How to help get a PAL® program at your school

The normal way a PAL® program is implemented into a school or district is that a school administrator contacts PAL®, registers for the Initial Adult Training, and purchases the curriculum to run the program.

If you are interested in getting a PAL® program at your school, you should schedule a meeting with a teacher or principal to inform them about the PAL® program.

You can find a lot of info about the value of PAL® here on our website.

How to prepare to apply to be a PAL®

There is usually a solicitation, nomination or application, and screening process to becoming a PAL®. Every school’s processes is different.

Student selections are often based on criteria and characteristics such as:

  • trustworthiness
  • concern for the welfare of others
  • ability to listen to and understand others
  • flexibility
  • self–confidence
  • dependability and responsibility
  • honesty
  • the potential for leadership
  • models positive character traits

We recommend you getting involved in your community and start volunteering if you are interested in applying to become a PAL® at your school.

We also advise to get teacher recommendations to join your school’s PAL® program, so be active and engaged in your classes in order to build relationships with your teachers.

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