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We will post more helpful resources as they are made known to us. If there is a useful link related to peer assistance, volunteer opportunities, mental health/substance abuse/other youth issues, or grants that you would like us to add, please contact us in the form below.

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Peer Assistance:


  • Corporation for National Service – grant & volunteer opportunities – 
  • The Points of Light Foundation– People drive change. Points of Light Institute helps people get involved in solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. How? By inspiring, equipping and mobilizing people to make that change happen. HandsOn Network, the volunteer-focused arm of Points of Light Institute, is the largest volunteer network in the nation and includes more than 250 HandsOn Action Centers in 16 countries. HandsOn includes a powerful network of more than 70,000 corporate, faith and nonprofit organizations that are answering the call to serve and creating meaningful change in their communities. Annually, the network delivers approximately 30 million hours of volunteer service valued at about $600 million. GenerationOn ignites the power of kids to make their mark on the world by bringing the country’s leading youth service organizations and programs under one umbrella to provide engaging, effective service opportunities.AmeriCorps Alums leverages a community of more than 120,000 experienced volunteer leaders who believe in a lifetime of engagement is a transformational force for change in America’s communities.  –

Mental Health / Substance Abuse / Other Youth Issues:

  • Department of State Health Services Mental Health & Substance Abuse Unit (DSHS MSHA)
  • NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse –
  • NIDA: The National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Danger Without Intentions (DWI): Danger Without Intentions is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Corporation dedicated to protecting our youth through a multitude of dynamic safety education and motivational programs. Our organization is committed to providing continuing support and education to assist in reducing injuries and loss of life of our children due to alcohol & drug usage, peer, personal and traffic pressures, and all violent crimes. –
  • Bacchus & Gamma – The BACCHUS Network™ is a university and community based network focusing on comprehensive health and safety initiatives. It is the mission of this 501(C)(3) non-profit organization to promote student and young adult based, campus and community-wide leadership on health and safety issues. –
  • The Medical Institute for Sexual Health – The Medical Institute for Sexual Health (MI) is a nonprofit (501c3) medical, educational, and research organization. MI was founded to confront the global epidemics of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They identify and evaluate scientific information on sexual health and promote healthy sexual decisions and behaviors by communicating credible scientific information. –
  • National Network for Youth – The National Network For Youth is working to create a community of agencies, people and resources to champion the needs of homeless and runaway youth, to ensure that opportunities for growth and development be available to youth everywhere. –
  • Coordinated Training
  • America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth: Founded in 1997 with General Colin Powell as Chairman and chaired today by Alma Powell, America’s Promise Alliance is a cross-sector partnership of 400+ corporations, nonprofits, faith-based organizations and advocacy groups that are passionate about improving lives and changing outcomes for children. They have made a top priority of ensuring that all young people graduate from high school ready for college, work and life. Their work involves raising awareness, encouraging action and engaging in advocacy to provide children the key supports we call the Five Promises: Caring adults, Safe Places, A Healthy Start, An Effective Education and Opportunities to Help Others. –
  • Search Institute is a leading global innovator in discovering what children and adolescents need to become caring, healthy, and responsible adults. Drawing on extensive research, Search Institute brings hopeful solutions to pressing challenges in the lives of young people and their communities. –
  • Texas Suicide Prevention
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


If there is a useful link related to peer assistance, volunteer opportunities, mental health/substance abuse/other youth issues, or grants that you would like us to add, please contact us

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