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Training Fees


OUT OF STATE (USA) Teacher Training:
Our Trainer Fee (Paid to WAP, Inc. by the host of the training): $3,500.00 each day of training plus expenses. The cost of manuals for Out of Texas State programs is $200 for the curriculum.

Participant Fee (participant to pay to attend training): $ 0 charged by WAP, Inc.

Host of Out of State training can charge the participants a fee to recover the cost of the $5,000.00 plus expenses paid to WAP, Inc. for our trainer/s.

IN STATE (Texas) Teacher Training:

If we go to your site our trainer fee is: $3,500 per day plus expenses.
Texas Participants that come to our site: $500 per person for training and $200 for manual or $700 for both if the manual is ordered in conjunction with an Adult Training.

Out of State Participant (to come to Texas to attend our training) $750.00 per person plus manual for $200.00


OUT OF STATE (USA) Student Training:
Our Trainer Fee if we go to your site:

  • $1,000/day plus travel expenses.

IN STATE (Texas) Student Training:
Our training fee at your site:

  • $600/day plus travel expenses for the first 100 students.
  • $150 more plus expenses for 2nd trainer for each 100 extra students.


For a price quote on workshops, short speeches, keynotes, customized training or site visits please call:  1-800-522-0550.

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