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Training Fees


OUT OF STATE (USA) Teacher Training:
Our Trainer Fee (Paid to WAP, Inc. by the host of the training): $3,500.00 each day of training plus expenses. The cost of manuals for Out of Texas State programs is $200 for the curriculum.

Participant Fee (participant to pay to attend training): $ 0 charged by WAP, Inc.

Host of Out of State training can charge the participants a fee to recover the cost of the $5,000.00 plus expenses paid to WAP, Inc. for our trainer/s.

IN STATE (Texas) Teacher Training:

If we go to your site our trainer fee is: $3,500 per day plus expenses.
Texas Participants that come to our site: $500 per person for training and $200 for manual or $700 for both if the manual is ordered in conjunction with an Adult Training.

Out of State Participant (to come to Texas to attend our training) $750.00 per person plus manual for $200.00


  • As an approved teacher of the PAL® curriculum, you will be required to renew your teacher training every three (3) years at $500 per person. You will be set to inactive status if you do not renew. 

In order to ensure fidelity of curriculum implementation, and to uphold programmatic standards and TEA requirements, we are moving forward with new renewal requirements.  


OUT OF STATE (USA) Student Training:
Our Trainer Fee if we go to your site:

  • $1,000/day plus travel expenses.

IN STATE (Texas) Student Training:
Our training fee at your site:

  • $600/day plus travel expenses for the first 100 students.
  • $150 more plus expenses for 2nd trainer for each 100 extra students.
  • RENEWALS: $500


For a price quote on workshops, short speeches, keynotes, customized training or site visits please call:  1-800-522-0550.

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